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   July 2016



I believe we can learn through exaltation, through ecstasy, through joy and through love. At the same time we must also keep one eye open, so to speak, on our peace, if we want strength, because strength comes out of our inner peace.
-- Murshid Samuel L Lewis

Who are we?

Golden Gate Sufi Circle is a regional chapter of the Sufi Ruhaniat International. This nonprofit organization has becme the vehicle for all of our regional camps and retreats: Mendocino Sufi Camp, All-Bay Area weekend campouts, the Sufi Sesshin retreat, and many local classes, to name a few. In addition GGSC hosts urs celebrations as well as national Ruhaniat gatherings when they occur in our area. Within the network of our sisterhood/brotherhood in California there are numerous Sufi gatherings, Dances of Universal Peace, classes, zikrs, healing circles, a bouquet of great variety but all springing from the benificent transmissions of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid Samuel Lewis.

Our intention is to be in service to the Message of Love, Harmony and Beauty with which we are entrusted, by sponsoring or supporting events like the ones you see listed in our web page.

Peace be with you -- Shafee (GGSC web-minder)

Annual events Sponsored or Co-sponsored by GGSC


  • Mendocino Sufi Camp is July 17-24, Youth Retreat July 12-16. A deep and joyous exploration, in the inspiring redwoods, with dances, meditation, spiritual practices, and much more. Visit
  • Aug 19th – 21st: “One Family, One Heart, One Love” — the 2016 South Bay Sufi Camp at Santa Cruz, with Anahata Iradah, Jilani Esterly & friends. Register online now!
  • Joe Miller’s Urs: Memorial Walk in Golden Gate Park August 28th. See for details.
  • Humboldt Sufi Camp at Pamplin Grove Sept 2nd – 5th
  • East Bay Sufi Camp Sept 16-18. Read more and register online now.

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♥ View the complete Ruhaniat Events Calendar for Sufi camps and retreats world-wide.

View video by Sierra, of theJanuary 2014 Urs Celebration of Murshid Samuel Lewis in San Francisco, led by GayatriClaire Jones and friends.
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The key to all happiness in the Love of God

The heart is the gate of god; as soon as you knock on it, the answer comes.