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About this Web Site

This web site,, is intended as a source of information for our regional family and for visitors as well, with information and news of upcoming events sponsored by GGSC or associated with it.

It's not the purpose of this web site to give a comprehensive schedule of West Coast Sufi events. There are other excellent on-line resources available for that purpose, which can be viewed under the heading "Events" in the above navigation bar.

We do use this site to make available online the flyers for the camps and special events offered by the GGSC itself.

This site was originally inspired and created by Muiz and Jelehla in cooperation with the GGSC leadership council. The current webmaster is Abdul Shafee Howard Ballinger (contact). Content not otherwise credited has generally been created by one of the three of us. Feedback, corrections and suggestions are welcome.


-- Shafee Howard Ballinger, GGSC Webmaster

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