Stop! Behold the Eternal Now.... an exploration of being
with Asha Greer
August 18-20, 2017
Happy Valley Conference Center, Santa Cruz, CA

All are welcome and no experience is necessary!
3 Full Days of Dances of Universal Peace, Zikr, Meditation, Sufi practices, teachings, & sesshin.

Note two important changes this year: No walk ins are allowed for evening dinners. You must prepay if you want to join us for dinner before the evening programs. You may still walk in for the evening program only. Also no late registrations will be allowed onsite after Saturday morning at 9:30 am.

Murshida Asha Greer - special guest teacher
Julie Jilani Esterly - spiritual director
Brad Anwar Silling - zikr
Alima Chris Inaya - laughter yoga
Vanessa Hafiza Ragan - musical director
Kim Molloy - crystal bowl sound journey
Fehrunnisa and Junayad Moore - holy bowling
Lori Gitanjali Rivera - "Singing and Moving The Elements"
and other local leaders

FEES: Note that commuter fees have risen. Happy Valley has imposed a $10 per person per day commuter fee. Previously commuters paid only for meals, a good deal for us but not a good business model for Happy Valley. We had no choice but to pass this on. However, we do not want this increase to keep anyone away from camp. We do have partial scholarships available on a first come, first served basis. You can apply for a partial scholarship to cover this fee increase. Apply to the Registrar at

We encourage everyone to register early. Late registrations are hard on the Happy Valley and camp staff.

Inquire for YOUTH (26 and under) or SENIOR (70+) DISCOUNTS

CANCELLATIONS after 8/07/17 incur $102 Fee.

If you are a DUP certified leader or musician wanting to lead or play at camp, please email Vanessa Hafiza at

Calling all artists. "Show & sell" in the Sufi Art Mart. Contact Kimball at

Note that the standard meals at HVCC contain meat, gluten and often dairy products. Please note on your registration form if you require a vegetarian, dairy free, vegan or gluten free diet.

Asha is a lifelong student of the human condition. She is often intoxicated with awe, fascination, or bafflement about the nature of reality. Her "her-story" includes a lifelong interest in comparative religion and its influence on the brain, thought, and behavior. She was a co-founder of the Lama Foundation, an ecumenical spiritual community which has been thriving for nearly 50 years in the mountains of New Mexico.
She raised four daughters, and has spent years as a school teacher, a school principal, and a hospital nurse. She is a practicing artist and has created a deck of meditation cards from paintings she has done, as well as a book illustrating each day of a forty day retreat; see Asha's Art. She is a practitioner of the Japanese Tea Ceremony and hosts solitary retreats in her tea house in Virginia. Her nature is optimistic and hopeful though she sees these as states rather than beliefs in a positive future. "I do not know" is her position about dogma, fairness, and reward and punishment during and after life, although she feels 99% sure that there is Consciousness everywhere out of which everything emanates. Tuning into it is among her favorite pastimes. Her teaching focuses on awakening to the awesome nature of Reality both inside and out and through the process integrating the inner and outer life.

Dr. Julie Jilani Esterly has been traveling the Sufi path since 1973. All of her great life influences have focused on breath, embodiment, and liberating the natural light inherent in all beings. She functions as a senior guide and Cheraga (minister) for the Sufi Ruhaniat International (SRI), by leading classes, ceremonies, and retreats in the US and abroad. Her contribution was published in the book Caravan: Biographies from the Sufism Symposium. She also serves as a liaison for the SRI Youth Council. A chiropractor for 39 years, her healing practice at One Medicine in Santa Cruz, California helps patients experience their full energy and light. Dr. Esterly is a member of the Sensory Awareness Leaders' Guild and integrates this somatic mindfulness practice into her classes and private sessions. Catalyzed by a profound journey to Egypt, she recently entered a new cycle of life in which interdisciplinary solo and collaborative projects are unfolding. She lives with her husband in the foothills of Santa Cruz and is the mother of a 24 year old daughter.

Participants join hands forming a circle with the Dance leader and musicians in the center. The leader teaches the sacred phrase, melody, and movements for each Dance and perhaps some context about that particular Dance. Most Dances are only four lines long and repeated many times, so learning is usually quick and easy - within ten minutes dancers are moving, singing, and sharing together. The Dances include themes of peace (both inner and outer), healing (the Earth, individuals, and the global family), and the celebration of life's great Mystery. Dancers focus on the truth contained in the sacred phrase or other text set to music and movement in the Dance. Dancers commonly experience a collective peace, harmony, a sense of solidarity and community, and insight into the underlying universality of all the spiritual traditions of the Earth. A greater understanding and appreciation of other cultures, as well as one's own path or religion, is often gained. The mood of the Dances is infinitely variable, evoking feelings of love, joy, peace, compassion and ecstasy. The focus is on the sacred phrase, which often points to truths about life which cannot be put into words. The dancers' experience flows out in the context of sacred presence to one another and to the group as a whole. An experience of the Unity of the human family with all of Life and a taste of one's essential nature are among the gifts the Dances bring to so many who come in contact with them.

Zikr can be translated as Remembrance. On the surface, a moving zikr circle appears much like a very simple Dance of Universal Peace, but its origins are of a traditional ecstatic practice of the Sufis: The Sufi Ceremony of the Remembrance of God. We sing very old sacred phrases in Arabic (e.g. Bismillah - "We begin in the Name of Divine Unity "La illaha illa'llah - "All of Reality is contained within Divine Unity "Hu - "Divine Unity is constantly vibrating into all forms, in all times and places."). This practice is noted for producing strong expansion of consciousness. It was one of the central practices of the Persian poet Rumi, allowing him the divine expansion and insight from which he spoke his inspired poetry. Both beginners and those with experience can gain enormous benefit from zikr. The Sufis frequently refer to Divine Unity as the Friend, and seek an ongoing relationship of extreme intimacy with the Friend.

The Sufi Sesshin is a time when we alternate doing Dances with 15-20 minute periods of meditation. This format allows us to go deeper with each dance as we take the energy it generated into our meditation, which in turn allows us to go deeper during the next dance. The Sufi Sesshin will be held at camp from 10:00am to 5:15pm on Friday and 1:30 to 3:30pm on Sunday.

Beautiful location in the middle of the Santa Cruz redwoods.
Tent, cabin, and commuter options available, full or part time. Single (shared bath) and shared-rooms (2 or 3 people) with semi-private bathrooms. All rooms have twin bunks; there are some double beds for couples or families.
The swimming pool will NOT be available to us this year.
Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meal options are available if you register in advance.
Sleeping bag, bedding, towels, toiletries.
Ear plugs if you're sensitive to roommate noise.
Clothing for hot and cool weather.
Dressier clothes for evening dance and Zikr.
A special item (e.g. picture or trinket of a loved one, teacher, etc.) for the Ancestors Table.
Cash to make purchases at the Sufi Art Mart, as well as to give Dana to the teachers.
What NOT to bring:
Scents, pets, drugs or alcohol

Jilani Julie Esterly (Spiritual Director and Hostess)
Mary David (Camp Manager)
Kimball Barton (On-Site Manager and Sufi Art Mart Liaison)
David Dreisbach (On-Site Manager)
Freesia Raine (Registrar)
Adora Deva (DUP leader & Head Temple Builder)
Diana Antonucci (Registration Assistant)
Jelehla Ziemba
(GGSC Treasurer and incredible support to our camp!)
Hadi Marlin Brown (GGSC Liaison)
Shafee Howard Ballinger (our GGSC internet guru)
Golden Gate Sufi Circle (Our faithful sponsor)
Happy Valley Conference Center

and our dedicated year-round Planners:
Mary David, Jilani Julie Esterly, Freesia Raine, Adora Deva, Kimball Barton, David Dreisbach, Vanessa Hafiza and Hadi Marlin Brown

We are One!
We pray that all our thoughts, all our actions,
our creativity, our work be for the benefit of all.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings be free